UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Quarterfinals Predictions – The Soccer Column #14

Last eight teams remaining in UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 are known. There are 4 English teams, 1 Spanish team, 1 Italian team, 1 Portugal team, 1 Dutch team left. We also know the draws for quarterfinals and also possible semifinals match ups [for calendar and possible semifinal match-ups scroll down to the end of the article]. And we will also continue with our predictions. Now it is time to UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Quarterfinals Predictions.

Past Predictions

We have to start with a look back on how successful (or poor) we were in the past.

Group Stage
Success rate: 87.5% [14 out of 16 teams] – read more about our Group Stage predictions here
Round of 16
Success rate: 62.5% [5 out of 8 teams] – read more about our Round of 16 predictions here

Overall success rate: 79.16%   [19 out of 24 picks]

The overall success rate is still very satisfying. We were able to get more than half of round of 16 picks right. Of course, we did not predict Ajax Amsterdam demolition of Real Madrid, but we are proud we got Liverpool and Porto and Juventus right.

Actual Quarterfinals predictions

Liverpool – Porto
Match days: 9 April and 17 April

Both teams are playing for the title in their home leagues. The focus and tiredness factor will be the same on both sides. However, we think the quality is on the Liverpool side. The results of their Champions League matches in past point at Liverpool too. We are not telling Liverpool will win both matches, but we pick Liverpool as future semifinalists.

Tottenham – Manchester City
Match days: 9 April and 17 April

Quality, deeper squad, and last three Premier League encounter results point to Manchester City as favorite. We do not see a single thing going in Tottenham advantage. Maybe new White Hart Lane stadium is something Tottenham can use in its favor. But it will hardly be enough. This one is really easy to pick.

Ajax Amsterdam – Juventus Torino
Match days: 10 April and 16 April

It is no brainer if Ronaldo will be fit for both matches. Juventus is strong without him, but Cristiano Ronaldo makes Juventus two levels better team. Ajax has promising young squad that can pull a surprise. They proved it against Real and they make it with extra effect after losing home match. But can they pull the surprise again? Not impossible, but very improbable.
Our pick: JUVENTUS

Manchester United – Barcelona
Match days: 10 April and 16 April

Interesting matchup for any soccer fan. Barcelona can be beaten once, but hardly in two following matches. Even in case of surprise in the first match at Old Trafford, there will 90 minutes left at Nou Camp. And Messi is able to win it alone. No more thinking needed.

Who will win Champions League 2018/2019?

Our pick: Manchester City [read all our pre-season 2018/2019 predictions here]

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Note: Difference between the Total Voters count and Sum of votes for teams above is caused by votes for teams who are not already playing quarterfinals. 

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UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 dates

Quarterfinals Matchdays:
The draw was held on 15 March 2019
First Legs: 9/10 April 2019
Second Legs: 16/17 April 2019

Semifinals Matchdays:
The draw was held on 15 March 2019

Winner of Tottenham-Manchester City / Winner of Ajax-Juventus
Winner of Manchester Utd.-Barcelona / Winner of Liverpool-Porto
First Legs: 30 April/1 May 2019
Second Legs: 7/8 May 2019

Estadio Metropolitano Madrid on 1 June 2019

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