Top Soccer Jerseys 2018/2019

Every right soccer fan needs to present his affinity to the club or player he likes most. And there is no better way how to show it than to buy a soccer jersey. Usually (and I am not an exception) you will build a collection of soccer jerseys over the years you watch and like soccer. You start as a young child when you prefer individual players, then, later on, you will prefer the favorite club soccer jerseys. But that’s not the end. You will add national team jersey, then every season your favorite club comes with a new jersey design for home and away matches. The opportunities are endless. Let’s look at the soccer jerseys I think will be bestsellers this season either because of the player itself or the design of the jersey.

Authentic versus Replica Soccer Jerseys

First of all, you have to decide if you want the authentic or replica soccer jerseys in your collection.

Authentic Soccer Jerseys are almost the same as professional players use on the field. They are made from hi-tech materials and have the same performance technology as the jerseys used by your favorite player.

Replica Soccer Jerseys are sometimes called “Stadium” jerseys. They are the same design as jerseys players use on the field. But they are not so tight fit and do not have the performance technology of the authentic jerseys. Usually, replica soccer jerseys are made from different material as authentic ones. They are easier to wear and provide absolute comfort for any sports fan. There are many fake jerseys on the market, so check if your replica soccer jersey is licensed by the club and manufacturer.

There is a substantial price difference between the authentic and replica soccer jerseys. Replica soccer jerseys can be twice cheaper than authentic soccer jerseys.

Top Soccer Jerseys 2018/2019

Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus Torino

Top transfer of summer 2018 will have an impact on many Ronaldo, Real Madrid, and Juventus fans. Real Madrid fans will be probably putting their no.7 jerseys to the back of the shelf. Juventus fans already bought out fan stores. This jersey will be the best selling item this summer. 

Kylian Mbappe – France National Team

Everybody has to like him after the World Cup 2018 performance in Russia. He is young with a great potential and there are many trophies he will win in the future either with his national team or with a club. I prefer the national team jersey, as it is guaranteed he will not change it. Not so sure about his current club Paris St. Germain.

Luka Modric – Real Madrid

Ronaldo is gone and Real Madrid fans need someone to love as much as they loved Ronaldo. Luka Modric can be the new hero for Real Madrid fans. He showed his best football at World Cup and now he can prove he is the leader also in Real.

Leo Messi – CF Barcelona

This one is an absolute classic. Every Barcelona fan already has Messi soccer jersey. If not, now it is time to buy one. 2018/2019 design is very similar to last season’s design.

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool F.C.

I like the way Liverpool is playing under the manager Klopp. They were close to Champions League trophy last season, but the unfortunate injury of Mohamed Salah destroyed their plans. This season they will be a way better and I believe they can reach the Premier League title.

Netherlands National Team

I know that they do not play well for years. But I still love their jerseys. The simple orange always gets me. No matter how bad they will play, I will always have affection for them.

England National Team

You love them or hate them, but one thing is for sure. England always will be here with spectacular performances. Their jerseys is a must for every soccer fan.

Wayne Rooney – D.C. United
Wayne Ibrahimovic – L.A. Galaxy

Coming back to Major League Soccer, it is really hard to choose. Currently, two guys are performing the show like nobody else. It is hard to say who is better, your opinion on the topic will mostly depend on the place you live and club you like more.

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