Soccer Bets

Soccer Bets

List of our actual soccer bets picked by our soccer experts.

2018/07/15France - CroatiaFrance in regular time-10324:2+32.42
2018/07/14Belgium - England
France - Croatia
Belgium & Draw
France & Draw
2018/07/14Belgium - EnglandBelgium finish 3rd in WC-14742:0+26.28
2018/07/14Belgium - EnglandBelgium in regular time+13022:0+23.56
2018/07/07Russia - CroatiaCroatia+12441:1+20.96
2018/07/06Uruguay - France
Russia - Croatia
France & Draw
Croatia & Draw
2018/07/06Uruguay - FranceFrance+10430:2+21.76
2018/07/01Croatia - Denmark
Belgium - Japan
Croatia to Qualify
-11441:1 (3:2p)
2018/07/01Spain - RussiaSpain-16131:1+15.12
2018/07/01Croatia - DenmarkCroatia-11251:1+18.12
2018/06/30France - Argentina
Uruguay - Portugal
France & Draw
Uruguay & Draw
2018/06/30Uruguay - PortugalUruguay to qualify-10722:1+20.98
2018/06/30France - ArgentinaFrance to qualify-15124:3+19.12
2018/06/28England - BelgiumBelgium+19020:1+17.80
2018/06/28Senegal - Colombia
England - Belgium
Colombia & Draw
Belgium & Draw
2018/06/28Senegal - ColombiaColombia-11130:1+11.45
2018/06/27Korea - Germany
Switzerland - CostaRica
Senegal - Colombia
Switzerland & Draw
Colombia & Draw
2018/06/26Denmark - France
Island - Croatia
Nigeria - Argentina
France & Draw
Croatia & Draw
2018/06/25Iran - Portugal
Spain - Morrocco
Portugal & Draw
2018/06/23Belgium - Tunisia
Korea - Mexico
England - Panama
Mexico & Draw
2018/06/23Korea - MexicoMexico-14331:2+8.92
2018/06/22Brazil - Costa Rica
Belgium - Tunisia
2018/06/22Serbia - SwitzerlandDraw+20011:2+4.84
2018/06/22Nigeria - IcelandDraw+21112:0+5.84
2018/06/21Denmark - Australia
Argentina - Croatia
Australia & Draw
Croatia & Draw
2018/06/20Portugal - Morrocco
Uruguay - Saudi Arabia
Iran - Spain
Portugal & Draw
2018/06/19Russia - EgyptDraw+21723:1+2.88
2018/06/19Colombia - JapanColombia-13941:2+4.88
2018/06/18Tunisia - EnglandDraw+34011:2+8.88
2018/06/18Sweden - KoreaSweden+10531:0+9.88
2018/06/17Germany - MexicoDraw+35010:1+6.73
2018/06/17Costa Rica - SerbiaSerbia-11130:1+7.73
2018/06/16Croatia - NigeriaCroatia-12532:0+5.03
2018/06/16Peru - Denmark
Croatia - Nigeria
Draw & Denmark
Croatia & Draw
2018/06/16France - Australia
Argentina - Iceland
2018/06/15Portugal - SpainDraw+23533:3+4.65
2018/06/15Morrocco - IranDraw+21330:1-2.40
2018/06/15Uruguay - EgyptUruguay-16761:0+0.60
2018/06/14Russia - Saudi Arabia Draw+36635:0-3.00

*note: Soccer bets above are not a recommendation or any type of advice. We do not take any responsibility for any losses occurred by following bets above. All you do is at your own responsibility.

Sports betting legal background in the USA

May 14, 2018 ruling by Supreme Court opened the door for sports betting and soccer bets in the USA. Till that day just Nevada provided the opportunity to bet on sports for their citizens and visitors. It is widely expected that other U.S. states will set a legal framework for sports betting in coming months. Delaware and New Jersey already passed needed legislative and betting is legal there. Please check the state of legislative in your state before you place your first bet on soccer.

Is it possible to win in a long term in soccer betting?

However not just legislative is important. You will risk your own capital in betting and therefore you should know more about the betting industry. How are the odds calculated? Where lies the margin of bookmakers? What are the chances of occasional bettor to win? Is it possible to be profitable in betting for a long term? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself before placing a bet. We strongly recommend knowing answers, not to increase your chances to win, but to decrease the probability of stupid losses.

Managing risk and avoiding emotions are just a few examples of things you definitely need to know. Betting can be fun but can be also a devastating life experience, it is up to you what betting will mean to you.

SOCCERsoda sports betting book recommendation

The comprehensive guide to everything related to sports (and especially) soccer betting.

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  • Glossary of betting related terms
  • How the odds are calculated and what is the spread and where is the margin for bookmakers
  • How to find the best bookmaker
  • Bookmakers versus Betting Exchanges
  • Psychology of bettor (emotions and state of mind of successful bettor)
  • What are Arbitrage and Sure Bet
  • Most common mistakes of bettors
  • Longterm profitability, is it possible?
  • Who earns the most in the betting industry?
  • and many more

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