A Guide to the Best Soccer Ball Machines

Individual practice is the way how to be better than others in any sport. Soccer is not an exception. However, one-on-one training is not always easy. There are some exercises you can hardly do alone. Therefore, a soccer ball machine can be an excellent and sought-after practice partner. Let’s look at how soccer ball machines work, what is the best way of use, and which models we consider as the best.

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How does Soccer Ball Machine work
Features (Speed, Feed Interval, Elevation, Battery, Ball Capacity, Remote Control, Maneuverability)
How to use it
Best Soccer Ball Machines

How does Soccer Ball Machine work?

Soccer ball machine throws the ball in set up speed, angle, and feed interval (if it is built with ball feeder for more than one ball). Two opposite battery-powered wheels shot the ball. The wheels rotate, and the pressure and direction of rotation throw the ball in the desired direction.

Soccer Ball Machines Features

There are several features, anyone interested in the soccer ball machine should check before the purchase.


Speed determines the distance where the ball will be thrown. The rate can be chosen from a range depending on the exact model. The range usually starts at 10 mph (16 km/h), and the best soccer ball machines have a speed range of up to 87 mph (140 km/h). The bigger range allows you to prepare more variable practice with different drills.

Feed interval

Feed interval is significant if you need to practice a drill continuously. The feed interval can usually be set up in the range of 2.5 to 15 seconds, depending on the ball machine model.

Elevation (Angle) & Rotation

The elevation of the soccer ball machine enables to change the angle of ball shot. It lets you choose between lobs or direct shots. Depending on the model, the elevation set up is manual or electric.

Battery Playing Time

Most of the soccer ball machines are battery-powered. It makes them flexible in use as you do not need an electric outlet in proximity to the soccer field. Battery capacity is essential as it determines the maximum time of practice on one charge. The minimum time should be at least 2 hours that would level the usual time of one practice unit.

The battery charging time is usually longer (8 to 18 hours, depending on the battery capacity).

Ball Capacity

The higher ball capacity makes practice easier as you do not need to feed the machine very often. The basic models are without ball feeders and can not serve more than one ball. Better soccer ball machines’ capacity is from 5 to 15 balls. It is important to check also ball sizes supported by the ball machine. Most of the devices can be used for sizes 4 and 5. Used balls should be consistent, which means they should be inflated at the same level and should be similarly worn out for better flow.

Remote Control

The remote control is a valuable tool when you plan to practice alone. In case that your soccer ball machine does not have remote, you will always need someone to help you out with the practice.


Soccer ball machines are not light. Therefore side wheels and towing handles are essential for easy maneuverability.

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How to use it

Soccer ball machines can be used in a team or individual practice.

The most used practices and drills are:
– receiving the ball, practicing the first touch with the ball on the different angles and speed of the balls (long passes, short passes, centers)
– finishing the passes in the box with headers or volleys
– shoots on the goalkeepers

There are numerous drills you can try with the ball machine. The only limit is your imagination.

The Best Soccer Ball Machines

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Best Soccer Ball Machines with the most featuresThe advanced model with the best feature to price ratioSimple model at affordable priceDurable model with long warranty
+ Ball capacity of 15 balls
+ Speed range 12.4 - 87 mph
+ Full-function remote control (speed, frequency, angle, rotation, start/stop)
+ Fully programmable drills
+ Easy to move

- Price

+ Ball Capacity of 5 balls
+ Ball sizes 4 and 5 compatibility
+ Throws balls up to 40 meters
+ Extended elevation range

- Pedal remote available for an additional fee
+ Price
+ Throws soccer balls up to 40 meters
+ Quick side to side rotation
+ Elevation

- Ball capacity
+ Portable and easy to move
+ 5-year guarantee
+ Height adjustment and spin adjustment

- Ball capacity
For soccer clubsFor team and individual practicesFor individual trainings anywhereFor team and individual practices

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