Quick Guide to EURO 2020

Due to the spreading of the “covid-19” virus, the EURO 2020 was moved to 2021. EURO should be played from 06/11/2021 until 07/11/2021. 

The biggest soccer event in 2021 will take place in Europe. European national championship or EURO 2020 will be played in summer 2021 instead of its usual date in 2020. The reason is obvious: COVID-19. The competition format stays the same as in the past but this time Euro 2020 will be hosted not by just one or two countries. Twelve different cities in twelve different countries will host 51 matches of Euro 2020. (Of course, this can be subject to change depending on the situation with a corona in 2021.)

Competition format
Who will win EURO 2020?
Host Cities

Competition Format

Twenty four countries will take part in Euro 2020. They are split into six groups by four teams. There will be six matches in each group (every team will play every team). The first two teams of every group will qualify for the knock-out stage. All matches in the knock-out stage (round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, final) are played like one match with the winner qualifying for the next round.

EURO 2020 Groups

Group A
[Roma, Baku]
Group B
[Saint Petersburg, Copenhagen]
Group C
[Amsterdam, Bucharest]
SwitzerlandRussiaNorth Macedonia
Group D
[London, Glasgow]
Group E
[Bilbao, Dublin]
Group F
[Munich, Budapest]
Czech republicSlovakiaGermany

Who will win EURO 2020

Who will win EURO 2020? (in 2021)

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EURO 2020 Schedule

DayDateTime [CET]GroupCityHomeAwayResult
Friday11.06.202121:00ARoma, ItalyTurkeyItaly
Saturday12.06.202115:00ABaku, AzerbaijanWalesSwitzerland
Saturday12.06.202118:00BCopenhagen, DenmarkDenmarkFinland
Saturday12.06.202121:00BSaint Petersburg, RussiaBelgiumRussia
Sunday13.06.202115:00DLondon, EnglandEnglandCroatia
Sunday13.06.202118:00CBucharest, RomaniaAustriaNorth Macedonia
Sunday13.06.202121:00CAmsterdam, NetherlandsNetherlandsUkraine
Monday14.06.202115:00DGlasgow, ScotlandScotlandCzech republic
Monday14.06.202118:00EDublin, IrelandPolandSlovakia
Monday14.06.202121:00EBilbao, SpainSpainSweden
Tuesday15.06.202118:00FBudapest, HungaryHungaryPortugal
Tuesday15.06.202121:00FMunich, GermanyFranceGermany
Wednesday16.06.202115:00BSaint Petersburg, RussiaFinlandRussia
Wednesday16.06.202118:00ABaku, AzerbaijanTurkeyWales
Wednesday16.06.202121:00ARoma, ItalyItalySwitzerland
Thursday17.06.202115:00CBucharest, RomaniaUkraineNorth Macedonia
Thursday17.06.202118:00BCopenhagen, DenmarkDenmarkBelgium
Thursday17.06.202121:00CAmsterdam, NetherlandsNetherlandsAustria
Friday18.06.202115:00EDublin, IrelandSwedenSlovakia
Friday18.06.202118:00DGlasgow, ScotlandCroatiaCzech republic
Friday18.06.202121:00DLondon, EnglandEnglandScotland
Saturday19.06.202115:00FBudapest, HungaryHungaryFrance
Saturday19.06.202118:00FMunich, GermanyPortugalGermany
Saturday19.06.202121:00EBilbao, SpainSpainPoland
Sunday20.06.202118:00ARím, TalianskoItalyWales
Sunday20.06.202118:00ABaku, AzerbaijanSwitzerlandTurkey
Monday21.06.202118:00CAmsterdam, NetherlandsNorth MacedoniaNetherlands
Monday21.06.202118:00CBucharest, RomaniaUkraineAustria
Monday21.06.202121:00BCopenhagen, DenmarkRussiaDenmark
Monday21.06.202121:00BSaint Petersburg, RussiaFinlandBelgium
Tuesday22.06.202121:00DLondon, EnglandEnglandCzech republic
Tuesday22.06.202121:00DGlasgow, ScotlandCroatiaScotland
Wednesday23.06.202118:00EBilbao, SpainSlovakiaSpain
Wednesday23.06.202118:00EDublin, IrelandSwedenPoland
Wednesday23.06.202121:00FBudapest, HungaryPortugalFrance
Wednesday23.06.202121:00FMunich, GermanyGermanyHungary
Saturday26.06.202118:00Round of 16Amsterdam, Netherlands2A2B
Saturday26.06.202121:00Round of 16London, England1A2C
Sunday27.06.202118:00Round of 16Budapest, Hungary1C3D/E/F
Sunday27.06.202121:00Round of 16Bilbao, Spain1B3A/D/E/F
Monday28.06.202118:00Round of 16Copenhagen, Denmark2D2E
Monday28.06.202121:00Round of 16Bucharest, Romania1F3A/B/C
Tuesday29.06.202118:00Round of 16Dublin, Ireland1D2F
Tuesday29.06.202121:00Round of 16Glasgow, Scotland1E3A/B/C/D
Friday02.07.202118:00Quartefinals 1Saint Petersburg, RussiaWinner 2D - 2EWinner 1F - 3A/B/C
Friday02.07.202121:00Quartefinals 2Munich, GermanyWinner 1B - 3A/D/E/FWinner 1A - 2C
Saturday03.07.202118:00Quartefinals 3Baku, AzerbaijanWinner 1C - 3D/E/FWinner 2A - 2B
Saturday03.07.202121:00Quartefinals 4Roma, ItalyWinner 1E - 3A/B/C/DWinner 1D - 2F
Tuesday06.07.202121:00Semifinals 1London, EnglandWinner QF1Winner QF2
Wednesday07.07.202121:00Semifinals 2London, EnglandWinner QF3Winner QF4
Sunday11.07.202021:00FinalLondon, England

If you need EURO 2020 Schedule in downloadable format (.xlsx) go here and download it.

Host Cities of Euro 2020

Three Group Matches, One Round of 16 matches:

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Johan Cruijff Arena (Capacity: 54 990)

Bilbao, Spain, San Mames Stadium (Capacity: 53 289)

Budapest, Hungary, Puskas Arena (Capacity: 67 889)

Bucharest, Romania, National Arena Bucharest (Capacity: 55 634)

Copenhagen, Denmark, Parken Stadium (Capacity: 38 065)

Dublin, Ireland, Dublin Arena (Capacity: 51 700)

Glasgow, Scotland, Hampden Park (Capacity: 51 886)

Three Group Matches, One QuarterFinal match:

Baku, Azerbaijan, Baku Olympic Stadium (Capacity: 69 870)

Munich, Germany, Football Arena Munich (Capacity: 75 000)

Roma, Italy, Olimpico Stadium (Capacity: 72 698)

Saint Petersburg, Russia, Saint Petersburg Stadium (Capacity: 68 000)

Three Group Matches, One Round of 16 Match, Two Semifinals, One Final:

London, England, Wembley Stadium (Capacity: 90 000)

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