Nike Mercurial Touch – Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves Reinvented

You probably noticed an evolution in soccer cleats over the past twenty years. Every second year there is a big new improvement in the field of soccer cleats. On another hand, soccer goalkeeper gloves were for a long time still the same. Big enough to keep goalkeeper hands safe with lively colors to attract your attention. However, this year the soccer goalkeeper gloves changed dramatically. Nike Mercurial Touch Elite soccer gloves were introduced.

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NIKE GK Mercurial Touch Elite Gloves



Nike Mercurial Touch Elite is absolutely different gloves

Nike Mercurial Touch Elite gloves look absolutely different. And it is not just the look. They also fit and feel different. Here are their main features.

Wrist Cuff – gloves closure revolution

There were three types of goalkeeper gloves closure till now. Hook and loop, V-notch and bandage. Nike Mercurial Touch Elite introduced flexible wrist cuff that goes from the joint to the lower forearm. No strap anymore but better comfort and mobility.

Thinner and Smaller

Nike Mercurial Touch Elite soccer gloves are substantially smaller. No big padding on backhand caused that they are 33% lighter and 47% thinner than previous goalkeeper gloves. There are just punch prints on the third and fourth knuckle which provide a barrier even with a full extension.

High Grip Palm

There are proprietary ACC (All Condition Control) in the high-grip palm, which supports saves and ball distribution.

Premiere in May 2018

Nike Mercurial Touch Elite gloves is something absolutely new in soccer goalkeeper gloves business. They went to shops in May and they had match premiere during World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Nike Mercurial Touch Elite – what fans and goalkeepers think

Nike Mercurial Touch Elite immediately drew a lot of attention. Of course, they brought also a lot of raised eyebrows, which is natural as they are so different on first sight. Fans are pretty confused as they miss the lively colors of old types of gloves, and goalkeepers seem so vulnerable. However, what looks like a weakness is the main strength. They are lighter and thinner but still provide needed protection and grip.

It happens just once in a long time that you can witness history in making. Nike Mercurial Touch Elite soccer goalkeeper gloves are here, and it looks that they change the soccer goalkeeper world forever. We see first pioneers using them this summer, but I bet we will see more and more in the coming months and years.

  • Revolutionary design
  • 33% Lighter
  • 47% Thinner
  • Wrist Cuff
  • High Grip Palm


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