Champions League Finals: Half Boring, Half Liverpool – The Soccer Column #17

European club soccer season is officially over. Champions League Final in Madrid was the last game in this season. And frankly, we expected a bit more from it. Semifinals and Quarterfinals set the bar too high for two English teams meeting yesterday at Wanda Metropolitano.

Liverpool and Tottenham did not reach even the Premier League standard yesterday. The first half can be simply called boring. The second half was a bit better, with Tottenham starting to push in front. However, still we have to repeat, we expected more.

Liverpool triumph was well deserved. They learned from mistakes they did last year (loss with Real Madrid 1:3). They had a much better goalkeeper who did not make any mistake and keep the goal closed when needed. Liverpool defense was the bright point of all match. They were impressive for a full 90 minutes. Tottenham offense did not get a tiny space to perform.

Tottenham was probably too shocked by the atmosphere. They looked too shy at the pitch. Next time, if that ever happens, they would be much more courageous.

So that’s it for season 2018/2019. The new edition of Champions League will start with the preliminary round on 25th June. The group stage first matches will be played on 17/18th September.

Our Predictions during Champions League 2018/2019 Season:

Group Stage
Success rate: 87.5% [14 out of 16 teams] – read more about our Group Stage predictions here
Round of 16
Success rate: 62.5% [5 out of 8 teams] – read more about our Round of 16 predictions here
Success rate: 50.0% [2 out of 4 teams] – read more about our Quarterfinals predictions here
Success rate: 50.0% [1 out of 2 teams] – read more about our Semifinals predictions here
Success rate: 100.0% [1 out of 1 team] – read more about our Finals predictions here

Overall success rate: 74.19% [23 out of 31 picks]


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