Soccer Leagues Fixtures

Are you the manager of your office pool this season? Or are you just a curious fan who likes to keep all statistics in his Excel? Are you bored with retyping all the data from the net? That is my problem every single season. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Seria A, and German … Read more

Tired and uninterested?

The loss to Lyon (0:1) was the second in a row in Ligue 1 for PSG. That happens first time in the season. By the way, all five PSG league losses came in 2023. Is it surprising? No. PSG seems too tired after World Cup played in December and also too disappointed after the loss … Read more

Demolition in Napoli

What a performance from AC Milan yesterday. They rolled over Napoli like playing against juniors. That makes the upcoming UEFA Champions League quarterfinals more interesting than I expected a week ago. By the way, Napoli’s three losses this season came with AC, Lazio, and Inter Milan. All three clubs are just behind the Seria A … Read more

Betting Guide: Soccer Leagues Stats (Goals per Game Averages; Home – Draw – Away)

Every tipster should do a lot of research before placing a bet. He should study the teams, line-ups, weather, and other details related to the particular match he considers to bet on. And sometimes he is so overwhelmed by the stats, that he forgets the “big picture”. And the big picture can be very important … Read more