Betting Guide: Free Football Tips

Beginners and also experienced tipsters are still in the hunt for exclusive information or inspiration what to bet. All are looking for the magic formula or source of sure tips. I would like to share my SoccerGuru experience with search for free football tips.

Pundits and communities

All of us are following a lot of interesting people from betting and football on social media. There is a lot of talks and sometimes you will find rare news that can bring you a betting profit. However, successful bettors know that it is all about long term sustainability and profitability. One big win in time is not enough. That is pure luck. Professional bettors are looking for a stream of successful bets.

They search for the inspiration in betting communities to find out the opinions, mood, and trends of the day. All that is fine but forums usually lack the verification and statistics. And that is quite important to know which forum member is profitable with his advice and which one is not. You can do it by yourself but that is exhausting and believe me, you do not want to spend time with it. Sooner or later you will rely on your memory. And that is tricky in every business not just in betting.

Free football tips + independent verification + notification

Three ingredients you need are written in the headline. You are looking for free tips. Tips should be independently verified by a trusted authority that is not in connection with betting companies. And good thing is to have a notification system for new tips in place.

I am using Tipstrr. This platform is in business for a few years. Tipstrr is independent and it does not get money in affiliate commissions from betting companies. It is a marketplace for professional bettors and tipsters looking for tips and picks.

There are two sections. One is free and the second is paid.

The free section is really for free. You will need registration but you will not input any of the sensitive information (phone number, credit card number, name, etc.). Then you will get tens of free tips daily just for your email. You can search the tipsters or sports or events. It is up to you what you choose, the possibilities are huge.

The platform secures that all tips are placed before the start of events and keep the results of events in place. The statistics of individual tipsters are pretty detailed. You will see their historic performance, split and successful ratio of individual competitions and stakes. Essentially you get a detailed overview of each tipster you choose. You even see the ROI of tips according to the time before the event they placed the bet.

And on top of it, the notifications are served by mail or push notifications if you install the app on your phone.

Again, you will get it all just for your email. It is really worth it.

Being a registered member at Tipstrr brings a lot of advantages. One of them is getting a free credit from the company. Usually, before the start of a big sports event (e.g. Royal Ascot Horse Festival or EURO football championship), Tipstrr tries to support the community with small free credit you can freely use. The free credit is awarded usually to all registered users (no matter if they are buying tips already or no) and the use is just up to you.

You can register for free here.

Be a portfolio manager

The second section is paid. You can pay (via PayPal) for access to individual professional tipsters. There are really a lot of interesting names with impressive results. The prices for their service starts as low as $26 for a month. That price will secure access for at least two picks per week. You can pick successful experts for different sports.

You can see the detailed statistics of each tipster, so it is just up to you who you choose to follow. Essentially, you can compile your list of tipsters into the portfolio like any fund manager. But this time you are investing in the sports betting. Different betting plans, different sports, and events.

Professional bettors know it is a long term game and you need some luck. So use the brain and picks of professionals and enjoy the game. Good luck.




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