Soccer Pinnies – how to make fun of every practice game

There is one problem you will face in any team sport. In soccer or basketball, you need to separate teams during a game. It is easy in a regular match as every team will bring own jerseys, but what to do in practice? And this is not the problem you will face just during the practice. Do you remember how many times you had a problem to know who is your team-mate and opponent during your friendly soccer meet-up on Wednesday evening? Fortunately, we always have three possible solutions for these kinds of problems. Bringing two shirts with different colors at every practice, double-sided sports shirts or soccer pinnies.

Bringing shirts with two different colors

The easiest solution is to agree in advance, that everybody will bring two shirts to the practice. One will be red and one blue or you will pick your own pre-agreed colors. At the time of practice match, you will just change the shirts appropriately.

Double-sided sports shirts

There are jerseys who can be worn from both sides. Usually, they are a different color from each side. That provides the same benefit like bringing two different color shirts to practice.

However, both above-mentioned solutions have one big disadvantage. Changing the shirts can be tricky if you have boys and girls at the practice. You need to interrupt the practice and send them to the clothing room for a change. That can impact the rhythm of the practice.

Soccer Pinnies (or Bibs or Scrimmage vests)

Using soccer pinnies seems like the best solution. Soccer pinnies are usually made of polyester and are breathable so you can put them on your practice jersey. They are sold in packs of different colors and you can put together your own combination of colors and quantity.

Pinnies (also called Bibs or Scrimmage vests) are easy to put on even for small kids except for Marco Balotelli :).

Soccer Pinnies Types and Sizing

There are two basic types of soccer pinnies and thanks to pinnies flexibility there are usually just three basic sizes

Type 1: like "basketball" jersey from one piece of textile

Type 2: with open sides for better ventilation and with flexible side straps for comfort fit.

Kids - for kids under 6 years
Youth - for kids from 7 to 12 years
Adult - for people over 12 years

Kids - for kids under 6 years
Youth - for kids from 7 to 12 years
Adult - for people over 12 years

Best Soccer Pinnies by

We, at SOCCERsoda, prefer soccer pinnies over other offered solutions. Pinnies are washable and easy to wear. Pinnies are sold in a pack and are really cheap and worth every penny spend. They can be used during different practice drills, not just during practice games. They are universal for any team sports and thanks to their durability can last for years of training. Soccer Pinnies are an ideal solution not just for practice, but also for your friendly soccer meet-ups.

SportsRepublik Soccer Pinnies

Scrimmage Team Practice Vests

Adorox Youth Team Pinnies

Open sides
Flexible side straps
Sold in 6 or 12 packs
12 different colors

Sold in 12 pack
6 and 6 in different colors or 12 in one color
26 different colors
6 reversible colors

Sold in 12 pack or 24 pack
6 red and 6 blue or 12 red and 12 blue
Youth Size (Measurements: 18" W 22" L)








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