Five Best Home Soccer Games

There are plenty of days when you are lazy to go out to play soccer. Or you are forced to stay at home due to bad weather or illness. That is the time for home soccer games. Thanks to the internet you can still communicate or play with your friends, but there are also opportunities to play at home with your brother or sister.

Here is our list of five best home soccer games. Two are online games and you will need a console for it. The rest are soccer offline games for fun.

#1 –  FIFA 2020

Publisher: EA Sports

FIFA 2020 is evergreen of all sports video games. Perfect video game for playing alone or when looking for a companion over the net. Thanks to the license from FIFA (Football International Football Asociation) you can choose from players all over the world. You can play all day long and you still will feel like on the pitch. Fun assured.

And if you think that the price for FIFA 20 is a bit high go for a version from 2019 or 2018. The players will be not updated with the latest data and the playing mode will be a little different. But it will be still fun for less money.

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#2 – KONAMI eFootball PES 2020

Publisher: Konami

Some players say that PES has better realistic play mode as FIFA. I do not want to be a judge here (a lot of enthusiastic fans on both sides of this claim). PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) is not licensed by FIFA but has an agreement with individual clubs and national associations to provide you with real images of players and shirts. It has improved manager mode for better and more interesting management role play.

If you feel that the price is too much, feel free to go for past season versions (2019 or 2018).

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#3 – Table Football aka Foosball

All know this thing from bars. However, have it at home is much bigger fun. You do not need to wait when it is free. It is yours, it is just up to you when you will play it. There is plenty of different table foosball available, from the cheapest comes under $50 (without legs, top table version) to professional ones for bars and clubs with a price of over $1000. It is just up to you which one suits you and your apartment the best.

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#4 – Soccer Cards

What a gift for a young soccer fan. Sports cards are here for decades and will be here forever. Every young kid has a period when he likes to collect the cards. You can play with them, trade them with your friends or just collect them.

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#5 – Board Games

Monopoly or Horse Race Board games are classic ones. But there plenty of others with a soccer theme too. Try them and you will find out that there is a world beyond the screen of tv, tablet or console.

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