Before the quarterfinals on April, 11 I picked four winners and future semifinalists. And I got right two of them (Real and Manchester City). Let me call it a draw. By the way, I believe that the team that succeeds in Real – City match will win the UCL this season.

FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023

Finally, one month before the start, we know the name of the host. FIFA U-20 World Cup will be hosted by Argentina. The group draw will take place on Friday, April 21 in Zurich. World Cup starts on May 20 and it is time to rebook your flight tickets.

Eighteen years waiting for Serie A is over

Three teams from Seria A in the Champions League Quarterfinals. One but probably two teams in the semifinals and then one finalist. Not usual these days to see Serie A prevail over Premier League or La Liga. The last time we saw three teams from Serie A in UCL Quarterfinals was in the season 2005/2006 … Read more

Something wrong in Munich

The conflict between Sadio Mane and Leroy Sane after Tuesday’s loss at Etihad Stadium in Manchester is not the start. It probably started earlier and the firing of coach Nagelsmann was just part of it. The atmosphere at Bayern Munich is probably much worse than we see. What will the management do now? Fire Tuchel? … Read more

Can Napoli make it seven?

Ten days ago AC Milan won at Napoli 4:0. The score was shocking, but the win of the away team was not. Why? The last six matches between AC Milan and Napoli were won by the away team. The last home win was on January 29, 2019, when AC Milan beat Napoli at home in … Read more

How much?

Real Madrid demolished Barcelona 4:0 in the second leg of the Spanish Cup semifinals. Three days before, Valladolid was another victim of Real’s (and especially Benzema’s) ruthless scoring. The question is, how much will Chelsea (under their new interim coach Frank Lampard) get into the bag next Wednesday in UEFA Champions League?

Last El Clasico of the season

It will be the fourth El Clasico this season and the third this year today in Barcelona. The last in this season and the last for a long time in Camp Nou as Barcelona is prepared to move to Montjuic Stadium during Camp Nou’s renovation. The last three matches were won by Barcelona, and it … Read more

Tired and uninterested?

The loss to Lyon (0:1) was the second in a row in Ligue 1 for PSG. That happens first time in the season. By the way, all five PSG league losses came in 2023. Is it surprising? No. PSG seems too tired after World Cup played in December and also too disappointed after the loss … Read more

Demolition in Napoli

What a performance from AC Milan yesterday. They rolled over Napoli like playing against juniors. That makes the upcoming UEFA Champions League quarterfinals more interesting than I expected a week ago. By the way, Napoli’s three losses this season came with AC, Lazio, and Inter Milan. All three clubs are just behind the Seria A … Read more