Barcelona vs Real Madrid – The Rivalry

Barcelona versus Real Madrid is the biggest rivalry in the football world. There are a lot of fierce matches, but El Classico is the only one. This is rivalry not only for Spain fans. The gap between Barcelonistas and Realistas is everywhere. Every football fan around the world can root just from one club of … Read more Barcelona vs Real Madrid – The Rivalry

Betting Guide: Free Football Tips

soccer betting sheet

Beginners and also experienced tipsters are still in the hunt for exclusive information or inspiration what to bet. All are looking for the magic formula or source of sure tips. I would like to share my SoccerGuru experience with search for free football tips. Pundits and communities All of us are following a lot of … Read more Betting Guide: Free Football Tips

Soccer Leagues Fixtures

Are you the manager of your office pool this season? Or are you just a curious fan who likes to keep all statistics in his excel? Are you bored from retyping all the data from the net? That is my problem every single season. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga, … Read more Soccer Leagues Fixtures

Betting Guide: 10 Golden Rules of Betting

soccer betting sheet

Any successful tipster knows that betting is a job as any other. More effort you put in, better chances for success you have. And as in other jobs there a few rules you should follow to be successful. Let’s read 10 golden rules of betting. 1. Discipline The first and foremost rule is discipline. As … Read more Betting Guide: 10 Golden Rules of Betting