• Soccer Leagues Fixtures
    Are you the manager of your office pool this season? Or are you just a curious fan who likes to keep all statistics in his excel? Are you bored with retyping all the data from the net? That is my problem every single season. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga, … Read more
  • Betting Guide: Soccer Leagues Stats (Goals per Game Averages; Home – Draw – Away)
    Every tipster should do a lot of research before placing a bet. He should study the teams, line-ups, weather, and other details related to the particular match he considers to bet on. And sometimes he is so overwhelmed by the stats, that he forgets the “big picture”. And the big picture can be very important … Read more


  • League Average Odds on Total Goals Over/Under
    We run a few different league stats (e.g. match goal average or the number of matches that finished with over 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 goals.) All these stats are good for information for football geeks who like to know which league is more attractive in terms of goals or which league has the most draws … Read more
  • Betting Guide: Free Football Tips
    Beginners and also experienced tipsters are still in the hunt for exclusive information or inspiration what to bet. All are looking for the magic formula or source of sure tips. I would like to share my SoccerGuru experience with search for free football tips. Pundits and communities All of us are following a lot of … Read more
  • Betting Guide: 10 Golden Rules of Betting
    Any successful tipster knows that betting is a job as any other. More effort you put in, better chances for success you have. And as in other jobs there a few rules you should follow to be successful. Let’s read 10 golden rules of betting. 1. Discipline The first and foremost rule is discipline. As … Read more
  • Betting Guide: Probability versus Betting Odds and Odds Calculator
    The basis of any bet, either with your friend or with a bookmaker at the betting outlet, is the probability. Consciously or subconsciously you will always put a probability to the predicted outcome. In the betting industry, the probability of any outcome is mirrored in betting odds. Content: Probability versus Betting Odds – Calculator Fair … Read more



  • A Guide to the Best Soccer Ball Machines
    Individual practice is the way how to be better than others in any sport. Soccer is not an exception. However, one-on-one training is not always easy. There are some exercises you can hardly do alone. Therefore, a soccer ball machine can be an excellent and sought-after practice partner. Let’s look at how soccer ball machines … Read more
  • Rob Tanner; 5000-1 Leicester City – Book Review
    Books about sports are usually about something we already know how it finished. This book is the same. All football fans know the Leicester City story from the 2015/2016 season. Still, you can find a lot of interesting information there. Book details Author: Rob Tanner Title: 5000-1: The Leicester City Story: How We Beat the Odds … Read more
  • Five Best Home Soccer Games
    There are plenty of days when you are lazy to go out to play soccer. Or you are forced to stay at home due to bad weather or illness. That is the time for home soccer games. Thanks to the internet you can still communicate or play with your friends, but there are also opportunities … Read more
  • Marti Perarnau; Pep Confidential – Book Review
    Summer soccer break is good for things you do not have enough time during the season. For example, reading books. This time I picked the book about Pep Guardiola and his first year in Bayern Munich. The unique inside look at the top European club and into the mind of one of the best soccer … Read more
  • Martin Knight, Martin King; Hoolifan: 30 Years of Hurt – Book Review
    This book is sold in the soccer section, but the content is more about the violence. Violence connected with soccer in the eighties in England. It is not a book for subtle nature humans. It is dirty, aggresive and stupid. The same like the hooligans are. Book Details Authors: Martin Knight, Martin King Title: Hoolifan: … Read more
  • Andrew Jennings; Foul!: the Secret World of Fifa; Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals – Book Review
    Andrew Jennings is a journalist following the soccer world for years. His findings of the way how the soccer is governed were put in his book Faul!. It is not a pleasant reading as it reminds me of the bad crime novel. A bad one, because the bad guys are winning. Book Details Author: Andrew … Read more
  • Natural Grass Soccer Field Maintenance and Care Tips
    Soccer Field maintenance is easy in a big club with a number of people in the field maintenance department and external consultants and advisory firms available. But what to do when you are running a small club where the director, manager, coach, and field keeper is the one person or you are running a soccer … Read more
  • Stephen Foster; She Stood There Laughing – Book Review
    There are a lot of books about soccer which would like to be compared with Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch. However, there are not so many books who can stand the comparison. She Stood There Laughing makes a good job. It is not the Fever Pitch, but it is a funny and entertaining book. The title reveals … Read more
  • Nick Hornby; Fever Pitch – Book Review
    Nick Hornby is a British writer known for his About the Boy and High Fidelity novels. However, for soccer fans, his first novel was the most important. Fever Pitch became shortly after publishing the classic literature for soccer fans all around the world. It is not surprising that even in our rankings Fever Pitch holds … Read more
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    Thousands of books about soccer were written. But how to choose the best? We did research instead of you. We (at SOCCERsoda.com and our friends) read hundreds of books about sport and especially soccer. And we chose the best soccer books available. We divided them into the groups according to a genre. Just click or … Read more
  • Soccer Pinnies – how to make fun of every practice game
    There is one problem you will face in any team sport. In soccer or basketball, you need to separate teams during a game. It is easy in a regular match as every team will bring own jerseys, but what to do in practice? And this is not the problem you will face just during the … Read more
  • Best Youth Soccer Cleats
    Choosing the right soccer cleats for a kid or junior can sometimes be an almost scientific task. You will definitely consider different features, materials available, different grounds and all other important factors. (our guide “how to choose soccer cleats for kids and adults” is here) But what do kids think about it? Which one do … Read more
  • Soccer Training Equipment List – Become a Perfect Soccer Coach
    Kids looking forward to every practice. That is the wish of every soccer mom and soccer coach. It is definitely possible to make this wish reality. There are a few things which make practice a funny and attractive activity no kid will want to miss. Here is our Soccer Training Equipment List. Soccer Training Equipment … Read more
  • Best Portable Soccer Goals for Your Backyard
    Do you remember good old times when you played soccer wherever you were? You made up goal posts just with a pair of shirts or stones and the game could start. You probably also remember how many times you were arguing with others whether the ball crossed the goal line above the stone or not. … Read more
  • Top Soccer Jerseys 2018/2019
    Every right soccer fan needs to present his affinity to the club or player he likes most. And there is no better way how to show it than to buy a soccer jersey. Usually (and I am not an exception) you will build a collection of soccer jerseys over the years you watch and like … Read more
  • A Definitive Guide to Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids and Adults
    Soccer goalkeeper gloves are a must when your kid choose the role in the goal. The speed and force of ball kicks increase exponentially these days and no goalkeeper wants to be exposed with bare and unprotected hands. However, the best soccer goalkeeper gloves are not just about protection but also about holding, catching and throwing … Read more
  • Nike Mercurial Touch – Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves Reinvented
    You probably noticed an evolution in soccer cleats over the past twenty years. Every second year there is a big new improvement in the field of soccer cleats. On another hand, soccer goalkeeper gloves were for a long time still the same. Big enough to keep goalkeeper hands safe with lively colors to attract your attention. … Read more
  • A Quick Guide to Best Soccer Balls for Players of Every Age
    Soccer can be played with whatever ball you have. However, serious soccer leagues and competitions have to be played just with properly sized soccer ball. Here is our quick guide to the best soccer balls for different age categories. Go directly to: Soccer Balls Material Soccer Balls Sizes FIFA Certification Official Leagues Soccer Balls FIFA … Read more
  • A Definitive Guide to Best Soccer Cleats For Kids and Adults
    There is just one important equipment you will need when playing soccer. Soccer cleats (or boots) should ensure your stability on the ground, increase your ability for quick starts, change of direction and nevertheless they give you control over the ball. You will need the best soccer cleats possible to utilize your talent and potential. … Read more
  • Black Friday Soccer Deals
    There are opportunities you just can not miss. When you see a price discount on tickets for the match of the team you always wanted to see in person. Or when you see that your favorite soccer cleats model is 20% off. And one of such opportunities is definitely Black Friday. Black Friday Soccer deals … Read more