• European Leagues Winners 2022/2023
    England: Manchester City France: Paris St. Germain Netherlands: Feynoord Rotterdam Germany: Bayern Munich Portugal: Benfica Lisboa Scotland: Celtic Glasgow Spain: Barcelona Italy: SSC Napoli European League Stats
  • UEFA Champions League semifinals prediction
    Real Madrid and Inter Milan are my picks for qualifying for the UCL finals in Istanbul. I know that City is a big favourite and in better form, but you have to try Real when the odds are over 3/1. Overall, I think the winner of Real – City clash will win the Champions League, no matter which Milan team will they play against.
  • Messi and Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia
    All news outlets claim in unison that Messi is leaving Paris St. Germain. Two years in Paris did not bring any fruits (meaning a Champions League title). Now it is time to find a new club. There are just two possibilities: Barcelona or Saudi Arabia. Barcelona does not make sense to me. They have financial restraints and finally moved on from the Messi era by claiming the La Liga title. So there is only one option: Saudi Arabia. Whatever club he joins, it is all about Messi – Ronaldo match-up once again. Though, I doubt it will force me to … Read more
  • Poor Lampard
    Everyone has to feel sorry for Frank Lampard. He is a club legend but it is not in his power to start a positive change in Chelsea. The club suffers from chaotic management and Lampard is just a witness. And worse, he is essentially ruining his name as a coach.
  • 2:2
    Before the quarterfinals on April, 11 I picked four winners and future semifinalists. And I got right two of them (Real and Manchester City). Let me call it a draw. By the way, I believe that the team that succeeds in Real – City match will win the UCL this season.

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